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      Unified security and visibility across all your users

      LastPass Identity gives granular control to IT and frictionless access to users.


      Integrate access and authentication for complete control and visibility

      LastPass Identity combines the adaptive authentication of LastPass MFA and the ability to secure every access point of LastPass Enterprise into one holistic solution.

      Adaptive authentication

      Combine biometric and contextual intelligence to prove a user’s identity with a variety of flexible MFA options.


      Eliminate passwords

      Leverage biometrics to streamline access to work applications to boost employee productivity.


      Secures every access point

      From legacy to on-prem and workstation to mobile, manage every access point through single sign-on, password management and multifactor authentication.


      Deploy instantly

      LastPass Identity offers over 1,200 pre-integrated SSO applications to get users up and running without professional services required. Learn More >


      Granular control without the hassle

      Leverage 100+ policies to manage users at the app, individual, group, or organizational level to customize access and authentication requirements.


      Comprehensive security doesn’t need to be complex


      Strong, but invisible security?

      Seamlessly manage access and authentication, so your employees get their work done without even knowing you’re there.


      Automate onboarding and offboarding

      Integrate with user directories such as Microsoft AD and Microsoft Azure to automate user provisioning and simplify management, saving your IT team time and money.


      Centralized access and authentication

      Gain centralized reporting across all access and authentication tasks to know who is accessing what, from which device,?where,?and when.?


      Unified, simple control

      Visibility from single sign-on to password management to adaptive authentication, without the hassle of managing multiple solutions.


      Zero-knowledge security model

      Encryption happens exclusively at the device level, so only the user can unlock access to their data.

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      LastPass Identity Solution Overview

      Learn how LastPass Identity provides simple control and unified visibility across every entry point to your business.

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      Modern Identity

      Unify access and authentication for unified visibility and control

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      LastPass Identity Demo

      Get a first-hand look at how LastPass Identity works.

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