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      Form Autofill

      Automatically fill usernames, passwords, contact information, credit cards, and more.

      What is autofill?

      Autofill allows form fields online to be automatically populated with your relevant information. If you use password autofill – like password managers provide – your username and password are automatically filled in when you visit sites you’ve saved.

      For example, if you do online banking, every time you visit your bank website, your username and password will automatically populate in the correct fields – so you can log in with one click.

      But autofill doesn’t stop at passwords. You can also autofill addresses, credit card information and more.

      How does it work?

      • Start by creating form fill profiles in LastPass. For example, you may want a work profile and home profile. Using LastPass to store the data you typically have to type into web forms is both easy and secure with form fill profiles.
      • Form fill profiles are encrypted locally on your computer with the key that only you know, so you can securely store your credit card, Social Security Number, phone number, and other sensitive data you wish to easily access.
      • Now when you’re checking out from your favorite online store, you will see an icon to click that will automatically fill in the necessary information.
      • This reduces shopping checkouts, vacation reservations, shipping, and site registrations to just a few easy clicks

      Use autofill on mobile


      For iOS 8 and above, LastPass syncs all of your passwords and stored data across all your iOS devices, including your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and iPod Touch. You no longer have to worry about when and where you’re able to access your accounts.

      Integrate LastPass even deeper into your iOS experience by enabling the LastPass extension in Safari and Chrome. This extension gives you easy access to your accounts right from the browser you’re used to using so you don’t have to change your habits or workflow. Follow these steps to add the LastPass browser extension to Safari and Chrome:

      • Disable Safari Autofill –?Go to iOS settings and then tap on the Safari icon. Under?General, tap?Passwords and Autofillfor iOS 8 devices (For iOS 9, tap?Autofill). Toggle?Names and Passwords?off.
      • Enable the LastPass Extension –?In the vault, look for the bottom menu and tap “Security” to see the ‘LastPass Extension’ option.?Choose ‘Enable Extension’. Next, tap ‘Add the extension’. Tap ‘More’ in the share menu and find LastPass on the list. Swipe the radio button to the right to enable LastPass and add it to your list of extensions.


      LastPass is officially included in the Android Oreo Autofill experience as a Google-certified application. The Autofill framework now allows users to save?passwords as you enter them, just like our browser extension does.

      For those Oreo users out there, you can install the latest update from the?Google Play Store, or simply?follow these steps to get autofill up and running on your device:?

      1. Open the LastPass app on your Android.
      2. Tap the menu button, then tap Settings at the bottom.
      3. Open Autofill, and then the toggle?next to Android Oreo Autofill.?You’ll be asked to give permission to autofill, which you can accept.
      4. On the next screen, click the radio button next to LastPass to enable the app for autofill.

      Now, you have your accounts at your fingertips without a change in the look or feel of your browsing experience. When you visit a site you would like to login to, tap the Share icon then the LastPass icon for a list of available logins for that site. Just tap the site you want, and LastPass will autofill and log you in!

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      You deserve the best in security. LastPass keeps your information private, secure, and hidden (even from us).


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      "#1 most preferred password manager" — Source: Lab42 Research Survey, 1,100 Respondents, 2017

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